About us: Protelo Studios

'Protelo Studios' established in 2014 aims to supply, via the internet, professional voice over recordings for media outlets and corporate clients.

The quality & speed provided along with competitive rates has made us a popular choice for voiceover production. 


Referrals have paved the way to a stellar reputation for voice-over narration and branding.

We've been called upon by small businesses & major corporations alike to help market a broad range of products and services. 


We're a prominent and respected supplier of quality audio presentations and specialize in E-learning & Commercial voice over.

From long form narration to 30-second Radio or Television commercial spots, we create finished voice overs that are effective while making you proud.


If you require something on the lighter side we also feature Character voice overs for gaming, toys & corporate & broadcast animation. 


'Protelo Studios' is a full time in-house studio for SS Protelo Business Solutions . 







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