Voice Over for Narration , e-Learning Narration, Documentary Narration, Audiobook Narration :


e-Learning / CBT   e-learning

Electronic learning (e-learning), or Computer-Based Training (CBT), has emerged as a versatile, effective and time/cost-efficient teaching method, replacing traditional correspondence courses and in-class teaching and training. Studies have shown that voice over accompanying the written word can greatly enhance the learning experience and overall comprehension and retention for individuals taking the course.

There is one caveat, however: the voice artist you select to teach on your behalf must know how learning is accomplished and how to relate one-on-one to the students.

Your e-learning voice actor must know how to BE a teacher!

If the audio comes across as disinterested or dry, or as obviously reading from a script, the quality of learning will be compromised. Your vocal instructor must understand how to connect to the material AND to your listener, familiar with all pronunciations, terminology, slang or acronyms contained in the material and be able to inject a comfortably professional and encouraging presence, as if seated beside the student while guiding them through the lesson

A certain amount of passion for the subject must come through

If you want your students to be excited about the topic or lecture, the voice over must convey this in tone, pacing and overall delivery. Whatever the e-learning subject, from computer based training (CBT) to accounting, design, or the hospitality industry, learning should be fun! Our e-learning voice talent's expertise ensures that it is.

Documentary Voiceovers   Documentary

When the medium is television and the vehicle is a documentary, creating the message demands a very special skill set of the voice over actor.

A challenge to the voiceover actor
In many documentary narration fields, such as history or science, presentations with back-to-back film footage are rare. There were no handy-cams to catch the dinosaurs on Earth, watch Nero taking fiddle lessons, or look over DaVinci's shoulder. Therefore, film content can be sparse and the interpretive and storytelling skills of the voice over actor are essential to success.

When graphical content is mainly comprised of still images from photographs, paintings, diagrams, documents and such, the voice over actor must work with the on-screen material to create and sustain the pace and tone while injecting the proper emotion to keep the viewer closely involved and interested.

We'll keep your viewers' fingers off the remote

At Protelo Studios, regardless of the documentary topic, our voice talent delivers a polished performance that tells the story in an authoritative and informed manner and projects the interest that you wish your audience to mirror.

Audio Book Voiceover Narration Services  Audio Narration Services

Heard any good books lately? From classics and children's stories to mysteries or personal growth, we bring books to life with the storyteller's art and the craft of the professional voice.

Books for people too busy to read

Audio books offer an increasingly popular escape from the hectic pace of daily life. People with no time to bury themselves in a good book now listen on the treadmill at the gym, or while stuck in their car commuting every day. People love to hear a good story, and their pleasure and satisfaction will depend largely on listening to a voice that fits the tale and animates the writer's work.

Cover-to-cover continuity
It takes 6+ hours of finished audio to present a 200+ page book. No voice actor can record that in a single session – yet we want the audio book's listeners to hear one seamless cover-to-cover narration. Thus, one of the great challenges to the voice actor is to maintain the cadence of the reading, the timbre of voice, and the distinctive voices and personalities of characters from one recording session to the next.

Theatre of the mind
The compelling radio plays of the 1930's and 1940's paved the way for great audio book performances. Like the stage actor the voice artist brings the story off the page without the aid of gestures, movement, lighting or props to paint a scene or build a mood. All must be rendered to the listener in the narrator's vocal interpretations. Emotions and tensions i.e. suspense, action, anger, laughter are all faithful to the writer's intentions and the listener's expectations.

Characterization is another facet of the voice actor's skill that can turn a good read into an extraordinary one. Our professional voice actor can deliver a wide range of accents and dialects that enliven the performance and populate the audio book with varied characters.

Need a cast of characters?
Does your project require a single professional voice narrator, interpreting the various characters, or should it be like the old radio plays with multiple voice actors, music, and sound effects? Whatever finished format you require we'll work with your budget and timelines to deliver your book on CD and/or mp3.